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Private Mediation Services

When children are involved Private Mediation help families negotiate and make the best possible outcome that satisfy both parties and without the need to go to court. Early mediation is essential before the dispute escalates to another level where emotions are running high and as a result leads to irrational decision making and unreasonable terms.

Accredited and experienced Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRP's).

Family Dispute Resolution Services

What is Family Dispute Resolution?

Family Dispute Resolution is a service (also known as Family Mediation Service) that support couples affected by separation and divorce to sort family disputes. Our FDR practitioners can assist you settle agreements regarding to finance, property and most importantly agreements for your children.

Do you need help to reach an agreement with your ex regarding your children and finances?

We can help. Family mediation helps parents make good decisions regarding their children and their finances during difficult circumstances. When emotions are running high, decision making skills can fall away. This can lead to undesirable outcomes for you, your children and your future. Our family mediation services can help you through trying times and ensure that your well-being and the well-being of your children is always the first consideration.

Take advantage of our free family mediation consultation. You have nothing to lose.

We can provide you with a free consultation to review your circumstances. Find out how our mediation services can help you. Book with us now, or, if you like, ask your lawyer to contacts us. We will get right back to you.

What happens after you book a free consultation?

One of our friendly mediation professionals will contact you to discuss your situation. We will talk you through your options and explain how we can help you. If you choose to proceed, your mediator will make contact with the other party and ask them if they are willing to participate. If they agree to our family law mediation services we will book in pre-mediation sessions.

What is a pre-mediation session?

Pre-mediation sessions are meetings we hold with each party separately. These sessions help us to gather all the information we need, and to understand what the desired outcome is for each party. Sometimes, the desired outcome is actually the same on both sides, but the message has been lost in translation. This is common when tensions and emotions run high. On other occasions a compromise is needed, and we facilitate the communication that allows for good decision making.

What happens in the mediation service?

The mediation is your opportunity to discuss the situation in a safe and supported environment. We offer different types of mediation for different circumstances. This is because no two circumstances are the same. Ideally, the family law mediation can take place with both parties in the same room, however sometimes, this isn't the best way and there are alternatives that we can provide.

How is Private Mediation qualified to help you?

We are accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRP's). We are authorized by the Attorney General's department to issue S60I certificates, which are legally enforceable.

We facilitate legally assisted mediations if both parties have legal representation. One of our roles is to ensure that the mediation is balanced, so it is important that both parties are represented or both not represented.

Our family law mediation supports parents wanting to make agreements about their children and finances. We create a safe environment for you to discuss issues that impact your children and your future. Our location in Brisbane has shuttle mediation (separate rooms) to facilitate both parties. We are accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRP's) that are authorised by the Attorney General's department to issue S60I certificates. We are experienced professionals committed to making a difference to separating parents.

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Divorce and separation are common and some say the statistics are that 1 in 3 marriages will end in divorce, to 50% of marriages ending in divorce, depending on the study.  How you start a relationship  can tell us a little bit about what the future might look like.  If you have ever had an […]

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Separating? E-File your Family Law Matter

If you are separating and you want to formalise your agreements after a family, parenting or property mediation then your can do this online.  Go to the family court website or youtube where you can get instructions on how to do this.

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