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We support parents wanting to make agreements about their children and finances. We create a safe environment for you to discuss issues that impact your children and your future. We are accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners that are authorised by the Attorney General's department to issue S60I certificates. We are experienced professionals committed to making a difference to separating parents.

authorised by the attorney general's office to issue section 60I's

Family Law Mediation & Divorce

Is it difficult to talk to your ex about your children and your finances?

Separation and divorce are difficult. In amongst the wounded feelings and the broken hearts are the children and the finances. When you are in difficult circumstances, communication can be difficult and ineffective. This often leads to poor decisions that can affect your life, the life of your children, and your future. We can help make separation or divorce the process a little bit easier, and ensure that decisions you make now, have a positive impact on your future. Moreover, mediation can help reduce the stress and the expenses of separation or divorce. Find out how Private Mediation can help. Book a free consultation and visit our Brisbane office. There is no obligation and nothing to lose.

How can Private Mediation help you through your separation?

Private mediation facilitates safe communication by providing a secure environment and a professional approach to ensure that goals are reached. Mediation helps each party to focus on a positive outcome, rather than the peripheral circumstances. In most cases both parties genuinely want what is best for the children and each other, but struggle to communicate the points effectively in the difficulty of the situation.

How do I get help from Private Mediation?

It is really easy to take the first step. Book a free consultation with us. Our mediator will speak to you about the specifics of your situation, and the outcome that you really want. To find out how the whole process works step by step, visit our mediation services page.

What if I don't want to see my ex, I just want to come to an agreement?

These circumstances do occur, and we facilitate mediations like this all the time. Sometimes a mediator will work via the telephone or skype, on other occasions each party remains in separate rooms and our mediator travels between each room until an agreement is reached. There is no need to believe that an agreement cannot be reached even in the most difficult situations.

Are your mediators legally accredited?

Yes, our firm are accredited and experienced Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners. Private Mediation are authorised by the Attorney General's department to issue S60I certificates. Our mediators are not just qualified; we are genuine people who want the best future for you and your family. Our office is located in the CBD of Brisbane, visit our contact page for the address details.

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When Should I Consider Participating in a Parenting Mediation?

A parenting mediation is recommended where parents cannot agree on decisions impacting a child’s short and long term future that are important to you, such as; time spent with each parent, where the child lives, what child-care or school the child goes to and their educational well being (i.e homework), what extra-curricular activities the child [...]

frequently asked questions

What is a parenting mediation?

A parenting mediation involves engaging a neutral third party who is trained and experienced in working with separated parents to assist them reach agreements where they have previously been unable to do so. The mediator facilitating the discussion is required to be a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) registered with the Attorney General’s Office. Only [...]

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